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Our Testimonials

"I am a 55 year old Registered Nurse and I had very little experience with guns going into Gregg's class. His instructional class was excellent. We were taught the different types of guns, the pros and cons, and we handled the guns and learned gun safety and do's and dont's while on the range. I was well advised on what to expect and was assisted with proper ear protection prior to entering the firing range. Gregg used a safe and friendly site for the class and most impressive to me was the fact that I had either a range instructor or Gregg with me at all times. There was little room for error and I felt at ease and very comfortable while firing. Yes, if you want to learn the lawful and safe protocols of using a personal gun, take Gregg's class. I now feel very comfortable with my gun!"            Valerie G.

"When I decided to pursue getting my concealed weapons permit there was no question in my mind that the next best step was to turn to the talents and expertise of Gregg Munroe to take me through his class training and live range course program. Gregg was able to use his years of experience to guide me through the basics of concealed weapons firearms training and placed emphasis on proper safety and regulations. I would highly recommend Gregg's professional training approach to anyone who seeks a concealed weapons firearms training course and permit."                  Frank M.

Recently, my wife and I retired and felt a fire arm would be useful if needed in an emergency. I chose a weapon that we both could handle but we had no experience with a firearm, it safety or even shooting one. I met Gregg Munroe and asked him to give us some lesions and a course in “Concealed Weapons’ training. He took four hours and at the end of the session I felt extremely comfortable with the rules of use, when a weapon should and should not be used and its safety features. He also spent an hour on target practice, one on one, and did several drills in handling the firearm and developing accuracy. He made the training fun and yet conveyed the seriousness of what he was teaching. His knowledge, real life experience in handling weapons and patience with our lack of any weapons skill made his training invaluable. Thanks Gregg!           Carl M.

As a retired woman with no hand gun experience, I appreciated your thorough instruction and shooting range training. Being able to load, aim and fire the gun in a safe environment was most helpful. It was nice having all of the important points reinforced until I felt comfortable with them. I am looking forward to improving my skills and practicing what I have learned.        Linda M.

My wife and I recently completed the training requirements set forth by the Florida State Statute 790 with Gregg Munroe of the comfort of our own home. We found the class to be very efficient and enjoyable. Gregg took the time to address any concerns or questions we had. He was very thorough and knowledgable about the state and federal laws involved with concealed carry. Gregg's background in the law enforcement industry was evident on the firing range as we felt very competent handling and firing our handguns. We highly recommend this class to anyone seeking a CCW license!

- G.M.

Thanks for your help with our training!

" I recently attended a weapons training course that was facilitated by Gregg Munroe. Mr. Munroe's level of competency was reflected in his ability to thoroughly conduct a course in which the recipients, within a matter of hours, could fully comprehend and apply the skills being taught. He ensures that you are not only knowledgeable of how and when to utilize a weapon appropriately, he also ensures that you are comfortable in applying that knowledge to real life situations. Being an expert in the field, he provides training that far exceeds any that you could receive in a standardized classroom setting. If you are in search of an individual that is competent and will ensure that you are fully ready to "load and fire", look no further. I highly recommend Mr. Munroe as he will provide you with a level of individualized training that surpasses any other".          Edith O

Gregg – thanks again. We both got a lot out of the training and feel like we can move forward with confidence.  Mike H.

“My wife and I recently took a concealed weapons class with Gregg Munroe. Neither of us had much experience with weapons but that was no problem for Gregg. He made the class fun and informative. Gregg went the extra mile to make sure we both comfortable with handling and shooting a weapon. We would recommend his class to anyone looking for licensing for a concealed weapons permit or just for weapon safety and education.”  Troy O.

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Instructor Is A Retired Special Agent with NCIS​




Florida Concealed Carry Firearms Permit Classes

I went through the concealed weapons course and I have to say that Greg is an extremely professional instructor. Not only do I feel that I learned how to safely own a firearm, but I was also able to take home experiences of others through Greg's stories. If considering getting your license, Greg's the one and only choice!  Brad S.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Gregg and taking his one on one instruction and concealed firearm permit training class. As a former certified state police officer from the state of Georgia I can say without doubt Gregg is an extremely knowledgeable, professional and conscientious firearms instructor. His years of real world experience combined with his courteous and practical persona made the class and process a delight. He also offered this old police dog some new tricks on the range that were worth the price of admission. I will recommend Gregg and Sturrock Firearms Training to family, friends and neighbors.  Scott B.

I decided to take the concealed weapons class and training with my daughter and son-in-law. Gregg truly made the process so convenient and easy by coming to my home. He answered every single question, explained all in detail and made it so delightful! He is remarkably professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We frankly believe this is the best class a person or group can take! If you're thinking about getting your permit, this is it!

Gregg, thanks again! Don't change a thing! :)  Rosie J.

Andy and I really enjoyed your class. We both learned a lot more than we expected. You are very experienced, knowledgeable and personable. We both felt like we were getting top notch instruction from a true professional.  It was pleasure meeting you, and we wish you continued success with Load and Fire !  Bob W.

I had a fantastic time and I know James did as well! Can't thank you enough for making the classroom portion fun and interesting and giving me different things to work on at the range. I will be giving all my friends and coworkers to you if they're interested in the class and I will be in touch when my mom is able to take the class.  Brandon K.

Gregg...I would like to express my sincere thanks for your excellent work yesterday with the Concealed Weapon Permit Training Class and Firing Range Coaching. I was extremely satisfied and impressed with your professionalism, classroom presentation and extensive knowledge of firearms. I look forward to receiving my Concealed Firearm License which you provided excellent guidance with. Thanks again!  Larry B.

I had a blast. Very awesome class I will spread the word. Thank you?  Jennifer S.

Awesome Gregg! You were great to work with and very informative! Thanks for a good day! Ron W.

Great instruction, highly professional, and very knowledgeable. Creative teaching techniques plus a passion for the subject with up-to-date technology to bring it full circle all in the comfort of my living room. Active correspondence from our initial contact and clear understanding of his craft he will make you a pro guaranteed. Thank you again Gregg see you at the range.

Thanks again Gregg!! I had such an amazing time on the range and you were an outstanding teacher!  Miranda

I/we had a great time...thanks for working with us...we really enjoyed the class and without hesitation, we will definitely refer you to people.  You made the class enjoyable, your demeanor and personality were what made everything great.  We will be in touch I'm sure.  Joe

It was our pleasure and honor to have you as our instructor today.

Both M. and I had already taken the CWP courses on previous occasions and I can openly share that there is absolutely no comparison between the level of detail and personalized attention you provide compared to the other courses we have taken in the past.

Taking the step to apply for CWP is a big step. However, the reality is that soon afterwards one is faced with actually having a license and that one day you will be out in public legally licensed to carrying a concealed weapons on your person.

Being issued a CWP to carry a concealed firearm is a major responsibility and your instructions provide responsible gun owners a very solid understanding and foundation from which to continue to build on.

I will continue to retain you to advance and fine tune my skill set on safety and shooting techniques, etc.

Our hats are off to you. Your course as outlined and given should become the mandatory standard required before being able to apply for a Florida CWP...

Great class today, a lot of information, well presented, well organized and we met two nice folks, you and our new neighbor Bill. Pavilion was a great location.  Angie's been excited all afternoon.  Shooting range was super.  The whole (class) was super. I liked what was legal and not legal, the the warning shot info.  Drake and Angie long time TGO residents.  

Thanks Gregg! We enjoyed the day and have been bragging about you to others in the community.   Mary

I appreciate your very thorough class and teaching style.  I would and will recommend you to anyone who is in need of a concealed carry license.  I can honestly say that after our time together I feel I could adequately protect myself and family should a problem ever arise.  I am grateful for everything.  Brian

Thanks so much for a great class yesterday! It was relaxed and extremely informative. I really feel better handling firearms now! And thanks for your patience - you made me feel much at ease when I was really nervous! Sheryl

Well, just finished getting my son Taylor his Concealed Carry Permit Class.  We did the private One on One class with (retired) NCIS agent Gregg Munroe in Titusville.  If you are thinking about getting your concealed carry permit, I strongly recommend Gregg.  Awesome instructor and it's only $25.00 more to do a private class, and extra time on a police training range.  Thanks Gregg for your professional skills.  Go to website for more info.  Tell him Jimmy sent you... Jimmy

Really enjoyed the class. I must congratulate you on the very thorough presentation and instruction on the use of the firearm.  Thanks, Norman

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, your definitely a great instructor very well put together presentation. Thanks again.  Mike

Thanks Gregg for all your patience and for being such a great teacher! John and I look forward to date night at the firing range!  John and Patricia

Thank you Greg, your expertise and manner of presentation were excellent. Also enjoyed the relaxed presentation in a comfortable setting. Thanks, Dave and Cindy

A big Thank You to Gregg and Sturrock for the excellent professional training we received.  Donna

My friend Jimmy and I went through your training class today; top notch, complete and personalized. Your background, experience and one on one training exceeded our expectations by a mile. This was not an exercise in 'going through the motions' but a person translating their knowledge and real life experiences into a session that left us wanting for nothing. Being a gun owner for many years, I still learned a lot. The explanation of laws and rules was thorough and complete. I feel very confident in knowing when it is proper to use deadly force and when it is not.

​​The hands on training at the range was enlightening and educational. I walked away feeling much more confident in carrying a handgun and I am seriously considering signing up for an advanced class just to get more training on form and technique.

Thank you so much for your time, it was well worth it. I would recommend your class to anyone whether they are a first time shooter such as my friend or an experienced gun owner like myself.  Thank you for a great experience.  Brian D.

Gregg--The class was great--a wealth of information presented in both a professional and entertaining format. I look forward to recommending your class to anyone that is searching for a concealed weapons permit class. With your background and personality, you are a natural for this job!!  I've already "liked" your facebook page. I'll see you at the range!!

George M.

Gregg--You're so very welcome, you give a good class and I enjoyed it as well.  Believe me, I learned a lot, one thing for sure, don't wait so long before going back to the range, keep practicing and don't go stale, use it or lose it.  Thanks, Bill A.